Dr. Allen's Story

The Family was founded by Dr. David F. Allen in 2008. The People Helping People program is based upon his Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory. The program offers individual and group counseling throughout New Providence in the Bahamas. The Family addresses such issues as anger, grief, addictions, and violent crime. If you are in the area, come visit and be a part of The Family.

Bahama Youth

The Family supports Mark Beckford’s basketball program with the Bahamian youth.  “We see people every week whose lives are radically changing before our very eyes,” said Dr. Allen. “We have evidence to show decreases in anger, violence, revenge and loneliness. We have also seen increases in self-esteem, commitment to community, forgiveness and gratitude.”  

Andre Chappelle's Story

"The whole idea is to go to the place of pain," Andre said.  The themes and ideals for The Family project are "Change Your Mind, Change Your Life, Change Your World" and "Jaw Jaw Stops War War'," according to Dr. Allen. "If we can encourage people to talk to others and see that there is a support system that cares about them and wants them in a positive way, we can make a difference in major way."

Hong Kong Lecture on Shame, Anger, Violence

 The Family project is based on the Contemplative Discovery Pathway Theory (CDPT), which motivates persons to move beyond their hurt, pain and shame to experience the discovery of their authentic self based in love and gratitude.  

Dr. Allen’s keynote address to the American Group Therapy Assoc. in Houston, Tx. Feb. 28, 2018


Dr. Allen describes how social fragmentation  creates victims of shame, who become destructive to  themselves, others,  and their community. In the  re-socialization process  through the group therapy, persons are  liberated from being victims of  shame to being open to positive  emotions, forgiveness, and gratitude.

A Tale of Two Cities

Sterling Moss speaks about his life as a  from being a drug addict, living in the garbage dump.  He came to realize that there is hope and a better life. Do you need counseling or know of someone who does?  Bring them to the Family or call 242 698-0155.